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– ’80s Guy’, created by Wayne Mc Namee, is a short film that is looking to be continued in upcoming episodes, falling into the genre of action/comedy. The story revolves around a man living in modern day with an obsession with the 1980s era, finding his meaning and strength, taught to him by a willing teacher to fight against enemies of a dark side. –


8O’s Guy

One thing that has always bothered me about the movies and T.V shows I have spent my entire life watching is when they attempt to portray pain and suffering in a character, I find it very uncomfortable and almost embarrassing to watch as in society and life in general we feel a social pressure to hide our suffering, as it’s seen as taboo to publicly express our pain, so when I see pretentious black and white, silent screams and over the top tears from characters it really bothers me as I feel like many of us can’t relate to these actions. This is why in 80’s guy I wanted to explore a character in pain but from a black humour perspective, so instead of averting our eyes I believe this approach encourages us to engage with the complex emotions of the character in a much deeper way. A movie which inspired me to take this kind of approach was Little Miss Sunshine as they were able to take the death of a parent which is something traumatic which we will all have to deal with at some stage in our lives  and they were able to make it comical when they stole the father’s body from the hospital, and because of the comedic approach to this topic I felt It allowed me to really connect with the characters and allowed me to begin a debate in my own mind about how I would feel in that situation, all because I didn’t have the emotions forced upon me in a heavy-handed way.

I personally have a lot of affection for 80’s films such as ‘Terminator’, ‘Back To The Future’ and ‘The Shining’ and one of the things that really attracts me to them are the soundtracks and how they really reflect that specific era , consequently  I wanted to compose a soundtrack for 80’s guy that was reminiscent of the sounds found in these movies but also early 90’s computer games on SNES and Megadrive as I believe those soundtracks were still just an extension of popular 80’s music. All the music was performed by my group Razerwolf and my co-stars (Chris Mcgurnighan) excellent group ‘Solar Powered Anchors of War’ and I believe the music in the film is a real highlight and achieves the retro feel I was desperate for the film to have.

Another issue I was interested in exploring was the role of the internet in today’s society. In the film I tried to portray both the positive and the negative effects of the internet with a comedic but also realistic outlook on the issue. In our reality the internet is our last real forum of free speech and is something which needs to be protected as our governments constantly try to censor our internet under the fake premise of protecting the entertainment industries from piracy, but I feel the negative effects are also realistically but humorously displayed as because of this forum  for free speech wildly inaccurate information can also be displayed online and lead people to lead their lives under false pretences such as the main characters in 80’s guy.

I do a lot of reading in relation to dream analyse and that’s why I wanted to include some dream symbolism in the movie as I believe these are an interesting way to subliminally let viewers know the true motivations of the characters in a way that could never be revealed through dialogue or acting. One particular shot shows guy’s nudity providing the backdrop for a beautiful shot of a red rose and this along with some sound effects gives the viewer the impression that this is a dream sequence and not a physical suicide attempt; it’s more the death of an old way of life, his old unhappy life.

I was thankful to close friends Christopher McGurnighan, Simon Alexander and Aaron Brides for playing roles in the film along with Nicholas Tracey who also provided some fantastic cinematography and animated credits which I particularly enjoy.  I hope these thoughts and insights will help you enjoy our short film ‘80’s guy’ and allow you to further dissect and analyse the themes and motivations of the characters involved.

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