Dealing With The Subterfuge

‘Subterfuge’ by Wayne McNamee

Social commentary has always been something synonymous with zombie movies since their introduction to mainstream cinema. George A. Romero’s creation of the now defining flesh eating zombie with 1969’s ‘Night of the Living Dead’ began this trend with its exploration of race relations which was relevant to its time. I accepted the passing of the torch from past zombie films and decided to explore just how the elites may attempt to drastically reduce the population as this is something that has been discussed at the U.N.
In this film I’ve taken topics that have been the subject of paranoia for some time such as vaccinations and chemtrails and discussed how these may have been used to spread the zombie virus as a method of population control. The story revolves around a dysfunctional couple who symbolise the erosion of the family unit and we follow them and how they deal with the aftermath of the outbreak and how they can never really escape some of the events of their old life.
After writing the script we made a stylised trailer featuring news reports showing the build up to the post-apocalyptic events and all the conflicting reports, sponsored content and news stations which simply push their own political agendas which would prevent the mainstream public from ever knowing the truth of how the event actually occurred, and maybe even what the event actually was. We hope to release the trailer in the next few weeks to try and get some attention for the upcoming film while we are on location getting the film made.
We hope to make a film which will fully realise our potential as film makers and something that we can send to numerous film festivals with a sense of pride and positivity that we will improve our standing within the world of film.

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